Vegetarian Ragú Tagliatelle Kit | up to 4

Vegetarian Ragú with Tagliatelle

The Vegetarian version of the Bolognese Sauce

Pistachios are considered to be a complete energy cocktail. In traditional medicine is common practice to use the infusion of the bark as a refreshing drink and in they are considered even an aphrodisiac fruit. 

From Our Kitchen:

1. Directions to Master the Recipe

2. Black Olives Paté from Frantoi Cutrera

This Antipasto is just amazing. You can spread it on bread, you can stuff salty muffins, spread on cheese. It is made with the prestigious Frantoi Cutrera Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it is made of Tonda Iblea Olives.

Ingredients: Black Olives, Frantoi Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, parsley, Hyblaean oregano, sale, chill.

3. Vegetarian ragú sauce

Vegetarian Tomato sauce instead of the classic Italian Ragù which contains meat, it has a tasty and fresh mix of vegetables. It is recommended for everyone, not just vegetarian people. Intense red color. It has an intense tomato and vegetable scents.


Tomato sauce, zucchini, carrot, celery, onion, cane sugar, Frantoi Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, salt.

4. Artisanal Wheat Semolina Pasta made with Sicilian Ancient Grains, 500 gr | 17.6 oz | Pastificio Minardo

Pasta made with Ancient Grains has naturally a low value of Gluten.

5. Smoked Bean to Bar Unrefined Chocolate

The Black Pepper from Sarawak (Kuching) is one of the

most prestigious Black Pepper in the world. This pepper

is lightly smoked giving the chocolate an intense

toasted taste. A unique pairing that makes this

chocolate perfect to be enjoyed with scotch, whisky or Italian

Marsala or Passito.

50% Cocoa Beans from Peru’ + Cane Sugar + Real Solid Spice

Vegetarian Ragú Tagliatelle Kit | up to 4


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