Sicilian Torrone Kit | make 32 squared bars

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1. Sicilian Raw Pizzuta D'Avola Almonds 5 Oz, 2 packs

It is Italy's most prestigious almond and it is grown in Southeastern Sicily. 

Pizzuta refers to the physical shape of the almond, which is pointy and very flat. It is exceptionally fruity, almost cherry-like, with just a hint of bitterness in the finish.

2. Organic Raw Sicilian Honey  17 Oz | Cutrera

3. Caster Sugar 1 Lb

4. Directions

Sicilian Torrone Kit | make 32 squared bars

  • Lemon

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    vegan not refined

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    Make your own bars

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    Artisanal Spaghetti on the go

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