Raw Pistachio Pesto Pasta Kit | up to 4

Raw Pistachio Pesto Tortiglioni 

The intense gentle sweet flavor and grassy aroma

Pistachios are considered to be a complete energy cocktail. In traditional medicine is common practice to use the infusion of the bark as a refreshing drink and in they are considered even an aphrodisiac fruit. 

From Our Kitchen:

1. Directions to Master the Recipe

2. Fresh Basil Tomato Bruschetta

Making bruschetta has never been so easy. The best Fresh Organic vegetables from Italy, harvested in the right season and grown under the warm Sicilian sun.

Ingredients: Fresh tomatoes (80%), extra virgin Olive Oil, basil, salt and garlic.

3. Raw Pistachio Pesto

Only 3 Ingredients:
1. Raw Pistachio | 2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 3. Salt
I think that's all, right?
Well, actually I have an advice. Don't cook it, just mix it with a little bit of salty pasta water to get a nice slippery/creamy texture. Otherwise, you lose all the amazing healthy raw properties of the Evoo + Pistachio.

4. Artisanal Whole Wheat Semolina Pasta made with Sicilian Ancient Grains, 500 gr | 17.6 oz | Pastificio Minardo

Pasta made with Ancient Grains has naturally a low value of Gluten.

5. Pistachio Cream Spread

The Ultimate Nutella-like spread made with Sicilian Pistachios ( 30% ). 

Raw Pistachio Pesto Pasta Kit | up to 4


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