Marjoram from Sicily

Marjoram from Sicily | GLI AROMI Sicily 3.5 oz

Hand Harvested Marjoram from Sicily.

Marjoram is the main ingredient of the Traditional Sicilian Ricotta Ravioli. It is an aromatic herb known for its aromatherapeutic and culinary uses.

Very Rich in Vitamin C.

- Improve Digestive Function: When used to make tea, marjoram can help improve your digestion by improving your appetite and increasing the production of digestive enzymes that help break down food

- Protection Against Common Illnesses (antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties).

-Improved Heart Health: Marjoram can help improve your overall cardiovascular health by maintaining normal blood pressure levels

-Anti-Inflammatory Effects: When added to your food, marjoram can help reduce your risk of developing inflammatory reactions.

How to use it: Mixed with Ricotta in Ravioli, perfect paired with white meat, to make gravies, salad and bruschetta.

The producer: Gli Aromi is a herb garden, magnificently situated where the gentle hillside slopes down to the sea, just south of Scicli (Sicily-Italy).

Marjoram from Sicily


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