Integral Sea Salt | Mothia Val Demone

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Integral Sea Salt | Mothia Val Demone | Gli Aromi 4,5 oz

Artisanal salt produced in the Mothia Saltpans.

Ingredients: Integral sea salt, marjoram, rosemary, thyme.


The sea salt, in the tradition of this part of Sicily, is obtained by the evaporation of the sea water, through a simple but functional method of “handmade fractional distillation”, that allows to highlight the positive qualities and at the same time eliminate unwanted compounds such as calcium sulphate or gypsum.

The salt, removed by the gypsum that is precipitated in the previous tanks, when it is collected in the salting tanks, the last ones of the cycle, is composed for more than 99% of sodium chloride. But it is just the 1% residue, mainly consisting of magnesium chloride and, to a lesser extent, potassium, fluorine, phosphorus, bromine, iodine salts, etc. which is the wealth of the sea salt from the food point of view.

The sea salt produced in our salt pans doesn't easily lose its magnesium content. A “ secret” characteristic that the Norwegians attributed to the way of making the salt"to the salt" of this area. Our salt reaches the maximum of its qualitative properties in the "integral salt" (extract manually), which keeps intact its organoleptic properties.

Integral Sea Salt | Mothia Val Demone


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