Pasta con le Sarde "A Mare" KIT| up to 4

5 High-quality Artisanal Ingredients Imported from Italy:

  • Artisanal Spaghetti made by Sicilian Ancient Grains, 500 gr 17.6 oz | Pastificio Minardo Modica
  • "Pesto di Finocchietto Selvatico" Wild Fennel Pesto 6.35 oz | Alicos
  • "Alici" Fillet of Anchovies in Olive Oil 3.18 oz | Agostino Recca
  • "Pinoli" Pine Nuts 2 oz | Imported from Italy
  • "Uva Sultanina" Raisins 8 oz | Noberasco

Directions to Master This Recipe are Provided with the Kit. Enjoy & Buon appetito! 


Pasta con le Sarde "A Mare" KIT| up to 4

  • Each serves up to 4 People

  • Salt



    Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Decore with a Frond of Wild Fennel or Dill

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    vegan not refined

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    Make your own bars

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    Artisanal Spaghetti on the go

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