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One of the most famous dessert in Sicily is Torrone di mandorle, an almond nougat of Arab origin. In the past, extended family's women use to meet and cook together torrone, giuggiulena (torrone made with sesame) , almond biscuits and many other sweets.

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There are numerous torrone (nougat) versions all over Sicily. The main difference is between crunchy brown torrone and the soft white one.

The brown one is a mixture of honey, sugar and almonds or hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachio or even toasted chickpeas. Brown torrone with sesame is called Giuggiulena or Cobaita, highly recommended!

Another famous version is soft and white with almonds or pistachio, dried fruit or chocolate. This version can be made with a wafer on top and bottom.

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Do you want to know the secrets and tips to make a perfect brown torrone? Here we go.

Time: 15min

Level: Easy


Almonds 4,5 oz

Honey 1,35 oz

Sugar 1,35 oz

Orange peel

Lemon 1/2

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1 Peel the almonds: For every cup of almonds bring 4-5 cups of water to a boil. Add the almonds to the boiling water. After sixty to ninety seconds remove from heat and pour the almondsin a colander. Press the almonds between your thumb and index finger and the peelcomes right off.

2 Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C)

3 Cover a baking pan with baking paper. Spread the almonds in the pan, bake 15 minutes or until are slightly browned

4 In a pan bring honey and sugar gradually to the boil

5 When the mix is well melted, add almonds to honey and sugar. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly. The mixture is done when you can hear the almonds beginning to "pop" from the heat of the honey

6 Switch off the fire and add shaved orange peel

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7 Pour the mixture out into a pan with parchment paper and flatten the top until you reach the desired height (about 1/2 inch) with a wet spatula or rolling pin.

8 Secret: when you reach almost the desired height use the half lemon and rub it over the surface. The lemon and orange peel will balance the sweet flavor.

9 Cut it with a kitchen knife while it is still warm otherwise, you will not be able to cut it and leave it cool before eating.

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10 Rather than flatten your torrone you can also put it in small cupcakes paper cups! It is easier and funny!

Our Secrets

- The right balance between sugar and honey. Too much sugar makes torrone too hard. Contrariwise, if the sugar is not enough this sweet melts.

- Half lemon to rub the surface. The lemon and orange peel will balance the sweet flavor.

- Flatten torrone before while it is still warm, otherwise you will not be able to cut it.

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Pair with

Wine : Passito di Pantelleria

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