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How to Fill Cannoli | The 3 most Famous Recipes | Part 1

Cannoli are a staple of Sicilian cuisine. Like every Sicilian dish, there are a lot of versions due to cultural influences, as well many ways to decorate it. In fact, in Palermo the extremities are decorated with candied fruit, in Bronte with chopped Pistachio and in the Southern part of Sicily with chopped almonds or chocolate chips.

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The last recipe was about Authentic Cannoli Shells. You learned how to cook a perfect authentic crunchy crust "cozza". Here, I am going to explain the three most famous Traditional ways to fill Cannoli Siciliani.


1. The most important thing: Cannoli should be filled shortly before serving. Otherwise, the shell soaks and lose the amazing crunchy characteristic.

2. A good Ricotta cheese is what really matters. If you don't find the right one (see below for details) my suggestion is to use another filling like Crema Pasticcera (Pastry Cream - post coming on March 7th).

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The most famous filling for Cannoli Siciliani are Ricotta, Crema Pasticcera and Pistachio Cream. Because we love tradition and family, we are going to reveal Giovanna's unique, traditional recipe (Giovanna is Salvo's mom). So, here the recipes, the variations and the ways to decorate Cannoli.

1. Classic Cannoli filling | Ricotta cheese

Let's talk about RICOTTA! Ricotta is the main ingredient. For this reason, it is a discriminating factor for the success of the recipe. Do and Don't. Don't buy the commercial ricotta from the supermarket (the one in the plastic containers). This ricotta doesn't taste like a traditional one. If you want any advice just text me in the comment below I will help you.

Cow Ricotta or Sheep Ricotta? It depends. Cow ricotta is mostly used in South-East Sicily, the flavor is more delicate. Sheep Ricotta has a stronger flavor and it is typical of the rest of Sicily. Which one is the best? Well, it depends on your taste. If you like cheese a lot, I suggest the sheep one. If you are not so passionate about cheese, the cow one is perfect. Personally, I prefer the cow one.

Ingredients to Ricotta Cannoli Filling (12 servings):

Ricotta cheese 400 gr | 14 oz Sugar 160 gr | 5.6 oz Powdered sugar Candied fruit

Directions for Ricotta Cannoli Filling:

1. Strain ricotta in a bowl 2. Add sugar and mix until it is well combined. You should obtain a soft and creamy mixture, you can also use an electric beater. 4. With a teaspoon fill cannolo 5. Decore with powder sugar and candied fruit on both extremities.

Variants In some parts of Sicily, we add chocolate chips in the cream. In the southern part, we add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and we decorate the extremities with chopped almonds instead of candied fruit. In Bronte area, we add chopped pistachio instead of candied fruit.

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