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Authentic Cannoli Shells | Recipe

Frothy sweet soft cream in a crunchy slightly salty crust (cozza). The perfect taste marriage. Cannoli Siciliani are a staple of the Sicilian cuisine and the most famous sweet. If you have ever tasted it, especially an authentic one, you can definitely understand why.

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Where does the word cannolo come from? Well, it comes from Canna (cane plant). Canna was used to fry the cannolo shells (cozza).

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Like every Sicilian dish, there are a lot of versions and ways to decorate it. If in Palermo the extremities are decorated with candied fruit, in Bronte is used chopped Pistachio, in the Southern part chopped almonds or chocolate chips.

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Are you ready to make with your hand the most famous Sicilian Dessert? Let's go.

Time: 45 min

Level: Medium-High


FLOUR 8.8 oz


SUGAR 5.29 oz

BITTER COCOA 1 tablespoon

MARSALA 1 tablespoon

LARD 1 oz

SALT a pinch


1. Mix flour, lard, a spoonful of sugar, cocoa, Marsala and a pinch of salt, adding the necessary water, to obtain a homogeneous and smooth dough​;

2. Wrap the mixture in plastic wrap and put it in refrigerator for half an hour;

Image Credits: http://www.cucchiaio.it/ricetta/cannoli-siciliani/

3. Roll out the dough - not too thin - and cut out of it oval shapes;

4. Roll into an aluminum tube, overlapp the sides and seal them with the beaten egg white;

5. Fry the shell in hot oil, drain and place on pape. Remuve the tube when are cooled.

Image Credits: http://www.cucchiaio.it/ricetta/cannoli-siciliani/

Now it's time to garnish Cannoli!

Secret tip.

It's really important to fill cannoli just before serving. Otherwise the shell soak and lose the crunchy characteristic.

Are curious to know how Cannoli are garnished in Italy? Take a look at the traditional recipes Below!


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