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5 Dessert Recipes in a Jar | with Panettone Italian Cake

Desserts in Jars are the best option if you are looking for something easy to make and stunning. Panettone is the perfect base to make this kind of dessert. So let's start with the 5 best mason jar dessert recipes!

Standard Directions

1. Cut Panettone in 1.2inches / 3 cm cubes. If you want to add a crunchy effect, you can toast panettone.

2. Layer Panettone cubes and cream like if you are making Lasagne.

These steps are standard for all the recipes. Then, depending on the case you can have further steps like wetting panettone with liquor or caffè.

Follow this link for the best Artisanal Panettone!

1. Tiramisù Dessert

Tiramisù is one of the most famous Italian sweets and it is quite long to make. In this way, you can make Tiramisù quickly and the result is delicious!

Credits: http://www.oggi.it/cucina/ricetta/tiramisu-al-pandoro/


Panettone 250 gr | Espresso coffee (6 oz | 180 ml) | Whipped cream (7 oz | 200ml) | Mascarpone (8.8 oz) | Sugar 3 tablespoons | Cocoa Powder


1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whisk in a bowl half sugar with yolks, until mixture is light and creamy. Then add mascarpone and whisk until well combined.

2. In a medium size deep bowl, with straight sides, beat the egg whites on low until foamy.Mix gently the two mixtures.

3. Dip Panettone cubes into espresso (not too much, do not soak them!)

4. Now make a layer of pandoro, then one of Mascarpone cream and the last one with cocoa powder. Repeat until the glass is full. The last layer should be cocoa.

2. Pistachio Dessert



Panettone 250 gr | Sugar (3.5 oz | 100 gr) | Pistachio Cream spread (4 tablespoons) | Eggs (4 yolks) | Milk ( 17 oz | 500 ml ) | Starch ( 1.8 oz | 50 gr) | Chopped Pistachio


1. Cut panettone in cubes. 2. In a bowl, mix sugar, yolks. Then pour milk on egg custard working it with the whip. Add pistachio cream. 3. Put the mixture in a pan and bring to boil to 1 min until thickened and will not be well-creamy. Let it cool. 4. Now make a layer of panettone. Then a layer of cream. Repeat until the glass is full. Decor with chopped Pistachio.

Hre the links if you are looking for Panettone or Pistachio Cream Spread click on the pics.

3. Gelato & Fruits

This is the easiest one. You need to create layers of Panettone, ice cream, fruit, chocolate. You can choose your favorite gelato flavors. Some examples are strawberry ice cream with mixed berries. Vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate and shred almonds. Coffee gelato with salted caramel and Nutella.


4. Greek Yogurt & Fruits

This is the healthy solution. Depending on your taste you can sweeten the greek yogurt or use it plain. I usually use honey. You can soak panettone with liquors or aromas but do not forget that Panettone is sweet, choose something that balances its sweetness, though.You can pair yogurt with fruit, chocolate, dry fruit. Personally, my favorite is greek yogurt with honey and walnut.

Credits: http://www.principessecolorate.it/ | http://www.dolciagogo.it/

5. Orange Cake

Credits: http://www.stagioninelpiatto.com


Panettone 250 gr | Ricotta (7 oz | 200 gr) | Vanilla Yogurt (4.5 oz | 125 gr) | Powder Sugar (1.4 oz | 40 gr) | Orange Zest | Dark Chocolate (1.8 oz | 50 gr) | 2-3 Milk Tablespoons | Cocoa Powder


1. Cut panettone in cubes and toast it until it gets light brown. 2. In a bowl, mix ricotta, sugar, yogurt, grated orange zest and whisk it together, you have your cream. 3. In a pan warm the milk, then add chocolate and stir until it melts. 4. Now make a layer cream, melted chocolate, and panettone. Repeat until the glass is full. The last layer should be chocolate.

Let me know in the comment below what's your favorite or if you have a recipe not included in this list.

You can find all the ingredients following this link

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