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Did you know that orange is a hybrid? It comes by crossbreeding the pomelo and the mandarin, but it grows as an independent species since centuries. Another curiosity? Every orange, irrespective of their largeness or variety, almost always contains 11 segments.

The number of sections (formally, Gynoecium or carpels) citrus fruits have is determined by the number of ovules the particular flower and fruit has.

The tree has its origin in China and in the Southeast of Asia: it was imported in Sicily between IX-XI century by Arabian.

Nowadays, the orange is the most widespread citrus fruit all over the world and hundreds of varieties are cultivated.

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In the southern part of Sicily, Ribera is called "The city of oranges"; it stretches between the hills and the blue Mediterranean sea and all over in that area you can find orange groves.

In fact, Ribera is famous for the production of extremely delicious varieties of “Washington Navel” oranges, rich in vitamin C, unmistakable for its flavor, the light orange pulp, juicy and seedless; antioxidant helps strengthen the immune system.

Among the most famous recipes, there is the orange salad with anchovies, scallion and black olives. Orange marmalades are very appreciated as well and orange peels are popular and widely used in the Sicilian bakery to make orange candied peels.

"Sweet comes first food box" contains an amazing citrus fruit marmalade (mandarin or lemon).

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